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Cavities and tooth decay occur after a prolonged period of poor dental hygiene. Sugary and acidic diets encourage plaque growth, which eats away at the surface of teeth. If teeth are not brushed regularly, these unhealthy elements will continue to grow.

Significant cavities create adverse effects such as pain in the mouth, trouble eating, and a discolored smile.

At Dental Arts Of New Orleans, we can restore teeth with carefully handcrafted dental crowns. We provide a safe and comfortable environment during the procedure in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are cosmetic treatments that are used to restore the shape and appearance of teeth by providing full coverage protection. Crowns cover the entire tooth to protect its structure and improve durability. A dental crown protects the tooth from further decay or fracture.

By using a porcelain crown, we can create a tooth-colored and natural-looking restorative treatment that blends seamlessly with the smile. Not only does porcelain provide a more natural look, but it also perfectly fits the shape of the prepped tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a great way to restore the smile. We recommend this option for anyone with chips, cracks, or broken teeth. A dental crown will cover these features seamlessly while improving the bite.

Other benefits of dental crowns include: 

  • Improving the shape of teeth. We customize the crown so it does not interfere with surrounding teeth.
  • Protecting teeth from future damage. The durable, natural finish helps strengthen teeth.

Restoring confidence with a more uniform smile.
 Patients can feel comfortable knowing that their dental crowns will not leave unsightly spots or features.

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Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Tooth decay impacts children and adults. Fortunately, dental crowns are suitable for all ages.

Anyone with a severely cracked, decayed, or damaged tooth can benefit from a dental crown. Placing a crown over a cracked or damaged tooth will restore its shape and improve the ability to eat and speak without causing further damage. 

When a tooth is severely decayed, it is crucial to eliminate the infection and prevent it from spreading. Placing a dental crown on an infected tooth after removing the unwanted bacteria helps prevent the decay from spreading and avoids the need for an extraction or root canal. 

Brushing teeth twice a day and regularly visiting the dentist are the best ways to prevent decay and keep the smile as healthy as possible.

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What To Expect At Dental Arts of New Orleans

Our professionals will review medical history and examine the dental condition during the initial visit. We will determine the severity of the damage and decide if a crown is necessary. Our office will then communicate treatment options and pricing. 

At Dental Arts Of New Orleans, we pride ourselves on our professional and modern treatment options. Our dentists also offer comprehensive dental exams and cleanings. 

Contact Dental Arts Of New Orleans to learn more about dental crowns. Call our office in New Orleans, LA, at 504-394-5330.

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