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Choosing a dentist does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience. At Dental Arts of New Orleans, we believe in a holistic approach to dentistry. Our team provides custom, comprehensive and patient-centered dentistry and orthodontics in a quiet, stress-free environment.

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Looking for expert dental care in New Orleans? Our experienced dentists and orthodontist provide comfortable dental and orthodontic services from our convenient Algiers Office. Call us today to schedule your appointment 504-394-5330

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A unique dental experience designed with the patient in mind.

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Experienced Dentists & Orthodontist

Established in 1986, our team of board-certified practitioners has the background and know-how to tackle any dental concern you’re facing. Your teeth are in good hands here.


Excellence Of Dental Care

We believe in Full-mouth dentistry. As seasoned professionals who are passionate about our craft, we take the time to assess every issue and make holistic improvements to your health.

Family Owned & Operated Dental Practice

We are a family who treats families. Whether it’s family dentistry or orthodontics, we take pride in keeping our close-knit dental community happy and healthy.

Family Dentist In New Orleans

Comfortable & Convenient Dental Office

Located in the heart of Algiers, LA our beautiful office is uniquely designed for comfort and tranquility. Come experience a calm, relaxing environment.


I’ve been going to Dr. Richard for 14 years. She is a great dentist….very professional. Dr. Gabrielle is a wonderful addition. Both have great personalities and make you feel at ease. The offices are VERY nice and the staff is great. I highly recommend them.


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Bonnie, thank you so much! We're thrilled to provide positive experiences for the whole family, especially kiddos!

Contact the #dentalartsnola office to schedule an appointment for your krewe. Hope to see you soon!

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Do you recognize any of these signs? You could be experiencing TMD!

No need to worry-- your dentist can help! Simply schedule an appointment to assess what you need, chat about your options, and get started on a treatment plan!

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Happy 4th from the #dentalartsnola team! We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

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Congrats to Hayden on getting those braces on! We are so excited for you-- let the fun begin!

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We’re setting the record straight about TMJ vs. TMD!

There’s a difference between the joint itself (TMJ) and the actual disorder (TMD). So technically, everyone has a TMJ 😂 It’s easy to get them mixed up, but Dr. Gabrielle Richard is here to help!

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw that could be TMD? Schedule an appointment with us at #dentalartsnola to learn more.

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Curious about certain aspects of dental care, but not sure where to begin?

While there’s no better resource than making an appointment with your dentist, we are happy to get you started from a distance! Check out our stories today and submit your questions— we will do our best to answer them throughout the day/week!

Looking forward to chatting with you! #dentalartsnola #dentist #neworleans

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Looking to celebrate your accomplishments as a parent? Dr. Gizelle Richard encourages you to “treat yourself to Botox”!

...even if being an "empty-nester" doesn’t necessarily apply at the office 😂 Schedule your next Botox appointment with us here at #dentalartsnola 🤍 You deserve it!

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