Botox® Treatments In Algiers, LA

What Is Botox®?

If it’s your first time considering BOTOX®, it’s important to get all the information you can about the nature of the injection, its side effects, and what to expect. BOTOX® is a purified protein developed from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Due to its ability to temporarily paralyze certain muscles, it has become an excellent remedy not only for reducing fine lines on the face, but also as a treatment for a number of specific medical conditions.

Botox In Algiers, La
Botox Algiers La

Why Botox®?

BOTOX® has many benefits, both cosmetic and medical. Here are just a few of the noticeable results we see in our patients after administering even just a single injection.

  • Smoother, More Vibrant Skin Tone
  • More Self-confidence in Appearance
  • Elimination or Reduction of Crow’s Feet and Wrinkles
  • Less Dramatic Lines Near the Forehead, Eyes, and Mouth
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Medical Benefits Of Botox®

Beyond these common aesthetic benefits, BOTOX® can be an exceptional solution for chronic migraines and other medical conditions. BOTOX® halts the nerve signals that trigger muscle movement. This smoothening of the underlying facial muscles causes fewer wrinkles, but also serves as a reliable way to reduce contractions that create migraines.

Most oral health problems arise as a result of tense muscles caused by stress. This buildup of stress causes severe neck, head, and jaw pain as well as damage to our natural teeth. When you relax those facial muscles by using BOTOX®, you’re reducing that tension, resulting in less underlying pain.

BOTOX® has been used to correct issues with parafunctional clenching, temporomandibular disorder, trismus (difficulty opening) and the headaches that accompany these conditions. When you get ahead of those issues by receiving BOTOX® injections, you loosen up those muscles and can lessen or eliminate possible long-term effects of harmful, prolonged tension.

Algiers Botox Treatment

Looking For Botox® In Algiers Or Surrounding New Orleans Area?

Although most people think you can only get BOTOX® at the dermatologist, your dentist is actually a very safe, practical, and natural choice for receiving a BOTOX® injection. 

If Dental Arts recommends BOTOX® for you, your first step involves scheduling an appointment at our office. We’ll meet with you one-on-one to ensure optimal health and safety standards are met.

One of our experienced doctors will make a minimal injection into the muscle tissue that she’s identified as the correct injection point. Over the next several days, BOTOX® will block signals traveling from the nerve to the muscle. This decreases the firing activity of the muscle and therefore prevents it from contracting. 

Although this process can take 1-3 days in order to start seeing and feeling results, the beneficial outcomes of BOTOX® peak at two weeks and will last several months.

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