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Choosing a dentist does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience. At Dental Arts of New Orleans, we believe in a holistic approach to dentistry. Our team provides custom, comprehensive and patient-centered dentistry and orthodontics in a quiet, stress-free environment.

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Looking for expert dental care in New Orleans? Our experienced dentists and orthodontist provide comfortable dental and orthodontic services from our convenient Algiers Office. Call us today to schedule your appointment 504-394-5330

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A unique dental experience designed with the patient in mind.

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Experienced Dentists & Orthodontist

Established in 1986, our team of board-certified practitioners has the background and know-how to tackle any dental concern you’re facing. Your teeth are in good hands here.


Excellence Of Dental Care

We believe in Full-mouth dentistry. As seasoned professionals who are passionate about our craft, we take the time to assess every issue and make holistic improvements to your health.

Family Owned & Operated Dental Practice

We are a family who treats families. Whether it’s family dentistry or orthodontics, we take pride in keeping our close-knit dental community happy and healthy.

Family Dentist In New Orleans

Comfortable & Convenient Dental Office

Located in the heart of Algiers, LA our beautiful office is uniquely designed for comfort and tranquility. Come experience a calm, relaxing environment.


I’ve been going to Dr. Richard for 14 years. She is a great dentist….very professional. Dr. Gabrielle is a wonderful addition. Both have great personalities and make you feel at ease. The offices are VERY nice and the staff is great. I highly recommend them.


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Ready to see the magic of Zoom Whitening!? 😃

1️⃣ We start by applying a protectant to the gums that keeps the bleaching solution on the teeth only!

2️⃣ We then keep the patient under a LED blue light for 1 hour, in 4 15 minute sessions!

3️⃣ Finally, we remove any leftover product and our patient is left with a brighter smile!

This particular patient was super happy with the results, and frankly we were too!

Call, visit our website or stop by our office to schedule a Zoom whitening appointment for yourself!

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Drs. Gizelle & Gabrielle Richard thoroughly enjoyed spending the day at their alma mater, @lsuschoolofdentistry for Alumni Day! Geaux Tigers 🐯 🦷💜💛 ...

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So now you know that it's important to floss every day... but do you really know exactly HOW you should be flossing? 

Here's a hands-on tutorial from Dr. Gabrielle Richard! Follow these steps to ensure the most effective technique. We recommend flossing once per day, at night time! 

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Seeking dental care can be an anxiety-inducing experience without the proper resources— or the right dentist.

Boyd retired from the military in 2008, and did not see a dentist again until Spring of 2022. We are so glad he found our office and are grateful to provide him with a calm, relaxing dental experience.

Thank you Boyd, for your supportive words. We are so happy to have you in the Dental Arts family!

Stay tuned to hear more of Boyd's incredible story.
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We know you brush your teeth.. but how often do you brush your tongue, or do you at all?!

The tongue harbors millions of bacteria and food debris that can be harmful for your oral health. We recommend working a tongue scraper into your daily brushing routine!

These are much more effective than simply using a brush on your tongue. We've linked our favorite tongue scraper in our stories! 

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Looking to switch to a dentist-recommended toothpaste?!

Use THIS (CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste), NOT that (Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste)! 

CloSYS is not abrasive (therefore does not cause damage to your enamel) and it does not contain the foaming agent (SLS) that tends to cause mouth ulcers. 

Crest Gum Detoxify is highly abrasive which can remove enamel overtime and cause sensitivity. It also contains harsh ingredient like SLS which can cause mouth ulcers.

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We asked our patients to share some stand-out lessons they've learned through their time with Dental Arts.. turns out many of them had the same answers!

The type of toothpaste you use is so important, we remind our patients as often as possible! Did any of these commonly used toothpastes surprise you? 

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