Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?


Do you have one or more missing teeth and feel hesitant to show off your smile? You may be a candidate for dental implants in New Orleans, LA. Dental implants are essentially permanent replacement teeth that allow you to chew, speak, and smile with more confidence. 

This restorative dental procedure is a long-term solution for many patients with missing or damaged teeth, but not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. This informative guide reveals the characteristics that dentists look for when determining if someone is a viable candidate for a dental implant procedure.

Understanding the Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants

The process of receiving dental implants always begins with an initial appointment with a dentist. They will examine your teeth and gums before discussing your options. Dentists usually look for certain criteria in order to consider dental implants as a solution. 

They won’t recommend this procedure if you don’t check off most of the boxes. So what exactly do dentists look for in a patient? Let’s uncover some of the top qualifications that may make you suitable for dental implants. 

Patients With at Least One Missing Tooth

If you have a full, healthy smile, there is no need to ask your dentist about dental implants. This procedure is only for patients with at least one missing tooth.

Some patients lose teeth due to decay or periodontal disease, while others require tooth extraction after damage to the tooth or jaw bone. No matter how you lost the tooth, you could be a candidate for dental implants to replace the missing tooth.

This procedure can help those with multiple missing teeth as well. Dentists often recommend dental implants rather than complete dentures because they are easier to care for and don’t limit patients with what they can eat or drink. Many patients who switch from dentures to implants find dental implants more comfortable as well. 

Patients Who Maintain Good Oral Health and Hygiene

You must have healthy gums in order for a dentist to successfully implant a replacement tooth. The procedure involves fitting a metal implant into the jawbone, which replaces the structure of the tooth’s root. A device called an abutment goes into the implant body as the tooth support, and a crown sits on top to replace the missing tooth. If you have gum infections or insufficient bone density, the implant procedure won’t be as successful. To be a good candidate for dental implants, follow good oral health and hygiene standards, including:

  • Brushing teeth twice daily
  • Flossing once daily
  • Getting regular dental cleanings and exams

If your current oral health isn’t the best, visit a dentist to improve your gum health.

Patients Who Don’t Grind Their Teeth

One surprising trait that makes people ineligible for dental implants is bruxism (teeth grinding). Frequently grinding or clenching your teeth puts a significant amount of pressure on your teeth and can compromise the implant. 

This habit can be difficult to quit, but there are ways to protect your teeth. Ask your dentist about getting a custom mouthguard that will prevent any damage to your teeth and implants. 

Patients Who Don’t Smoke

You can’t smoke if you’re serious about getting dental implants. Tobacco use can severely harm your teeth and oral health. Smoking also impacts the healing process and can cause problems with any implants you receive. 

Make the right choice for both your physical and oral health, and give up smoking ahead of a dental implant procedure. 

Visit Our New Orleans Dental Office To See if You Qualify for Dental Implants

Are you a good candidate for dental implants based on these guidelines? Visit Dental Arts of New Orleans to begin your journey towards a bright, beautiful smile. Our compassionate dentists will educate you on the entire process, including implants’ healing time and what to expect during the procedure.Visit our office or call (504) 394-5330 to schedule an appointment.



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