Three Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening That You Should Know


Toothpaste and whitening strips do not provide the desired level of brightness to your teeth when tooth stains are stubborn. However, the Philips Zoom® whitening system is an excellent option to combat tough stains and dark teeth. This professionally made gel can brighten teeth by up to eight shades in a single appointment and can only be performed by a licensed dental professional. 

Dental Arts of New Orleans offers Zoom as one of our teeth whitening services in New Orleans. Many of our current dental patients enjoy the numerous benefits of Zoom teeth whitening. Here are a few facts and benefits about the service that every dental patient should know.

How We Use Philips Zoom

Our cosmetic dentists discuss professional teeth whitening options with each patient. We discuss pricing, desired brightness, and current gum and teeth health during the initial consultation. Once we check all boxes, we take the initial impressions for the  Zoom treatment.

On the appointment day, our team will clean your teeth, removing plaque and unwanted bacteria. We also use a special cream to protect your lips from irritation when in contact with the gel.

Additionally, protective equipment will help keep your cheeks and tongue from whitening gel contact. Then, the dental professional will apply the gel to your teeth with a brush before shining a special UV Light onto them. We may repeat the brushing and UV exposure process several times until your teeth reach satisfactory brightness levels. 

This in-office teeth whitening treatment does not require longer appointment times. Instead, most Zoom services finish up within an hour or two. 

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How Zoom Benefits You

Timely service aside, these three benefits of Zoom teeth whitening attract dental patients to this service the most.

1. More Effective Than Other Whitening Options

Coffee, tea, and other common drinks or food often leave stubborn stains on your teeth. However, Zoom utilizes an effective solution that lifts stains faster than toothpaste or whitening strips. Zoom’s larger concentration of whitening agents creates a significantly brighter smile in less time.

Additionally, chemical agents commonly found in some over-the-counter treatments may harm your tooth enamel over time.This enamel stripping could contribute to sensitive teeth and gums.

2. Accommodates Sensitive Mouths and Teeth

The gel used during Zoom whitening procedures contains compounds and minerals intended to cause as little irritation as possible. As such, the solution generally will not cause gum or tooth pain.

Some patients experience momentary discomfort during treatment. However, it resides quickly, and we provide relieving gel to alleviate any remaining discomfort. For longer-lasting pain similar to sensations post-cleaning, we recommend over-the-counter medication.

Your dental care and comfort remain our priority, so we adjust Zoom treatment to fit your tolerance and needs. However, a majority of patients say that Zoom treatment is completely painless.

3. Optional At-Home Application

As part of our Zoom whitening process here at Dental Arts of New Orleans, all patients go home with custom fit whitening trays. Then, with our instructions, you can finish the whitening process at home, making it even more convenient.

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Your busy schedule may not allow for weeks of using whitening trays at home. In such cases, Zoom Whitening treatment is recommended due it’s “two month” jump start followed by one to two weeks of at-home whitening with trays. The results are exceptionally white teeth achieved in the office with little whitening downtime at home. 

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Consultation

Dental Arts of New Orleans dentists provide the highest quality dental and orthodontic care in New Orleans. Our family-owned practice combines over 30 years of oral care experience to service entire families and help maintain their oral health. The quality treatment we provide allows us to share the benefits of Zoom teeth whitening with our patients.
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